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Insurance Made Easy

Buying insurance can sometimes be a pain. Endless time on the phone with agents, trying to understand the coverages, negotiating with multiple companies can be tedious and thankless. To end the boredom and dread of buying insurance once and for all, Yalla Insure was created. Yalla Insure is an insurance aggregator that aims to change the way people buy insurance. By simplifying processes and by rewarding customers, Yalla Insure would like to encourage customers to choose the right type of cover at the right premium

Yalla Insure works with around 10 insurance partners to bring about the best quotes on a single platform so that customers can compare and buy within minutes. Yalla Insure works with sophisticated engines to make sure that you get the best quotes instantly.

Our Partner

Avon Insurance Brokers LLC is a premier insurance broking and risk management company located in the UAE. With years of expertise in personal lines insurance and a wide access to the market, Avon is our strategic partner for obtaining competitive quotes from insurance companies. Avon’s focus has been to provide, “Relevant Insurance Protection”, to its clients. This aligned with perfectly with the goals of Yalla Insure!!

Avon is a fully compliant and duly licensed brokerage insurance brokerage by the Insurance Authority of UAE.


We love investors. The sound of money hitting the account is so gratifying, therefore if you would like to take part in our amazing growth story and be part of the next unicorn, please email us at: shubhneet@yallainsure.com

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