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July 19, 2021

Health Insurance in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is mandatory and is provided by the employers. The employers are bound to provide the health insurance to their employees and the dependents of those employees, this is fairly a good thing. 

Every person who is employed or dependent on someone needs health insurance in today’s time. But the question remains over how much is one insured and whether the policy is adequate for the person. People are not well versed with the grave challenges that they might suffer if the insurance plan is not comprehensive enough. Also, there are health plans that although fulfil the mandate required by the government; these plans do not include treatments for mental health like psychological counselling. 

There are two major concerns among people when it comes to choosing the right health insurance policy for themselves. 

Firstly, people end up visiting hospitals/clinics which are far from their homes due to a small number of network hospitals/clinics in their plans and the closer ones not being included in the network list. 

Secondly, many health insurance plans are also geographically limited to the United Arab Emirates. If you or your dependent falls sick outside of the United Arab Emirates, there is a greater possibility of you bearing the cost from your own pocket. 

We would strongly recommend you to check your current healthcare plan coverage and see if it covers your needs. You can also contact our specialists who can help you to compare and get the best priced comprehensive health insurance plans from Yalla Insure.  


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