Maximise Savings on Car Insurance

August 6, 2021

Car Insurance being mandatory and extremely important for anyone owning a car in the UAE makes it an annual expense. The premium can vary depending on various conditions such as the type of car, driving experience, driving record etc.

Below are some hacks that can help you maximise your savings on buying car insurance. After all, who doesn’t like getting the best deal?

Saving Big on Car Insurance

       Type & Model of Car

The model and type of car you drive has a great impact on the price of your car insurance. Cars that are large and have more cylinders such as Station vehicles and sports cars will attract a higher premium from insurance providers, a basic rationale behind it being the faster your car moves more are the chances of it being involved in an accident. So, in order to save money, one should look into the type of car one is buying and how much its insurance will cost.


       Driving Experience

When an insurance company sells you car insurance, they are assuming the risk you pose in relation to road accidents. Naturally, the riskier your driving (indicated by past driving offenses and driving experience in the UAE), the more premium shall be charged. So, being a good driver not only keeps you safe but also helps you to cut your insurance cost and lower premiums.


       Fleet/Number Advantage

If you are an employer that has a fleet of vehicles engaged in your business then you can get an extra discount for getting all the vehicles insured from the same company. Similarly, having multiple cars in your household and getting insurance from the same company can help you get more discounts.


       Compare & Compare!

As a customer it is your right to be informed before you make any buying decision, so it always helps to get as many quotes as possible and choose the best option according to your needs. YallaInsure is the one-stop solution for getting the cheapest insurance quotes from a wide range of reputed insurance companies in UAE.



You can ask for adjustment in the deductible offered by the insurance provider to change the premium. The basic rationale behind this is the more your deductible is lower will be the premium. 

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