All about Car Renewal Insurance Policy in UAE

September 8, 2021

Is it that time of the year when you have to renew your car insurance? What needs to be done? Is it futile investment or renewal in time is better? Should I delay it? Will it be time-taking? Should I consider another insurer? You are not alone if you are weighing your options. Let us walk-through this blog to dispel some of your genuine concerns regarding motor renewal policies. 

Don’t be a law breaker!

First and foremost, don’t delay the renewal policy because driving without motor insurance is an offense in UAE. Along with other consequences, it may invite heavy penalty, legal as well as financial liabilities in case of an incident. You might have just missed it by a day but you will have to face the repercussions in case you miss the deadline. A lot of us feel that they drive safely and don’t need insurance but its for your own safety and its mandatory. On-time renewal of car insurance policy is as important as any other health related check-up. It should not be postponed.

Continue the rhythm and enjoy seamless services

If you ignore the reminder to renew the policy or consider a planned delay, you may make it cumbersome for yourselves. The first thing that comes into picture is car inspection. The surveyor will come, inspect your vehicle and then take the final call. Approval and rejection of your insurance and benefits will now depend on the surveyor’s report. All of this will delay the process and add to your hassles, if any. Even the ‘Insured Declared Value (IDV)’ may become less. Why should we complicate it for ourselves?

Reap in the benefits of ‘No Claim Bonus (NCB)’

What is NCB? The insurance company provides you a reward money for not raising any claim during the course of the policy. Timely renewals reap in the benefits of ‘No Claim Bonus’ and being a responsible driver will win you a no claims certificate. If the renewal of the vehicle is delayed for what so ever reason, the bonus will be gone. Read about the 4Cs of motor insurance.

May go for change for better ‘add-on’ coverages

If you have been seeking a change of the insurance company, this is the time to make that switch. If one wants to pick another insurer for better services/claim settlements, one can decide at the time of car insurance renewal. With so many options available, both online and offline, it has become extremely easy to change from one to another. 

Grace Period is good

Grace period always differs from insurer to insurer. Some provide an extra one month (13 month for insurance coverage before renewal) and some may charge a late fee. It’s a no brainer that you must keep a track of your expiration date. Some insurers also provide a digital reminder, which is a good idea. Just remember to pay heed to it. 

Online is easy

If you are under the misconception that renewal of car insurance may take time, let me share that the actual renewal process may take only a few minutes if done online. With everyone becoming technology-savvy, insurance companies have been trying to make their services easily accessible to their customers. Get a quote from Yalla Insure.

Last but not the least, all kinds of vehicles (car/bike) must be insured and their renewal must be done at least a fortnight before the expiration date.

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