Buy Travel Insurance with Multi Risk & Covid-19 Coverage

September 8, 2021

Travel insurance is an integral part of travels and holidays but it was never a mandate while applying for visa. In the wake of the pandemic and stringent safety measures, Dubai government has made it compulsory to have one. It is a welcome step towards ensuring immediate health care for the claimant. With no second thoughts, travel insurance has always been a very useful piece of paper, in case of unforeseen and unfortunate turn of events and emergencies. In today's time, when the world is grappling under the effect of an unpredictable virus, it is the need of the hour. 

We hear you when you say that holidays and travels should only be about happy things. They are supposed to rhyme with excitement and relaxation. Why should we worry or why would anyone fall sick? But have you ever given it a thought, "What really happens if one gets afflicted physically, has an accident while travelling or ends up facing travel related issues, especially in any other country"? First thing that sets in is panic, followed by the stress of bearing the expenses. It is a given that medical issues burn a deep hole in the pocket. Being covered is the best Armour in hand. 

Travelers should never forget to mark travel insurance as one of the most essential items in their checklist. Now, let us answer the follow-up question, "Which travel insurance gives you the comfort of being absolutely tension-free in a foreign land?"

Salient features of an ideal policy during pandemic

The good news is that Dubai is opening up with double caution. The emirate is looking forward to the travellers. Don't mess with the rules and travel safe. We, at Yalla Insure are offering exclusive pricing (one of the lowest in Dubai) on travel insurance. It covers medical & emergency expenses - up to AED 200,000. Email us at or Whatsapp us.

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