Exclusively Priced Travel Insurance Policy for Dubai

September 8, 2021

Exclusively Priced Travel Insurance Policy for Dubai

If you have been looking forward to visiting UAE to explore or meet your friends and family, the wait is over. With caution and precautions in place, all the emirates are opening up. Even Dubai is all excited to welcome its tourists. The easing of curbs suggest that the hey-days of travel and tourism are bound to return. The idea or thought of travel always brings in excitement, fascination, thrill and much more, but in the current scenario, health and safety continue to rule the charts of all travel policies. For the benefit of all, Dubai has made it compulsory to carry a travel insurance for visa approval. This piece of paper helps to secure against all adversities in a foreign land.

Why Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is extremely important for all kinds of travel-related cancellations and mismanagement. Secondly, in case of personal accident, illness or any kind of medical and emergency, one is assured of immediate help and financial cover. In the wake of pandemic crisis, travel insurance cannot be an option anymore. 

If we are still wondering why travel insurance is needed, we do not have to look far. Several unprecedented situations, hospitalizations, emergencies and consequent travel service disruptions happened during COVID-19 pandemic. Many were left stranded, away from their home countries. In such situations, travel insurance bailed them out.

Which one to buy?

Dubai promises world class medical consultation and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Thus, in case of emergency, the medical expenses can literally burn a hole in your pocket. Even home consultation can cost a bomb. It is always best to opt for travel Insurance with multi risk & covid-19 coverage.   It is always better to be safe than sorry.

What do we offer at YallaInsure?

Comprehensive coverage, covid-19 medical cover and best rates are our priority and we want you to have an insurance which helps you to make the most of the requirements.

1.    The policy will cover all major costs, so that no one is left worried about medical assistance and hospitalization in case of emergency.

2.    The travel insurance also offers emergency medical expenses for both inpatient and outpatient fees 

3.    There is cover for necessary and reasonable treatment, transport, accommodation and even repatriation (getting you home) and funeral expenses  

4.    The insurer will pay additional costs for medical evacuation if necessary.

5.    The most important of all, the inbound travel insurance policy will bear the cost in case the traveller contracts Covid-19 during the trip. 

6.    There is round the clock emergency medical assistance. Whenever needed, there will be online help from professionally trained assistance coordinators, including doctors & nurses.

7.    There is repatriation– up to AED 7,500 

Many a times, people are left hapless about the settling the bills. In most of the cases, we assure of direct billing / settlement of medical expenses so that one doesn’t need to spend at all.

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