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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is insurance designed to protect against risks and financial losses that may arise while traveling. Risks range from minor inconveniences like missed airline connections and baggage delays to more serious problems, including serious injury or illness.

What are the additional covers and upgrades available?

Travel insurance policies can cover a wide range of risks and situations, but may not meet everyone's needs. As a result, insurance companies offer special upgrades that help you personalize your coverage. These include extensions such as:

Adventure Sports Cover:

It may be important if you're planning on having fun experiences like skiing, rock climbing, bungee jumping or surfing this extension covers loss of equipment/gear, third-party liability, and personal accident benefits.

War/Terrorism Cover:

This extension covers you against the war or terrorism-related risks which wouldn’t typically be covered.

Golf Cover:

protects your golf equipment, including clubs, if they're lost, stolen or damaged while you're away. It also pays for replacement equipment hire and lost green fees if you can't get out on the course.

Winter Sports Cover:

It can cover a wide array of activities with varying levels of danger.

Business Cover:

It provides coverage to people travelling on business trips. It covers the business traveller against a variety of medical and travel-related adversities that may spoil the business trip.


  • Why do I need a Travel Insurance?

    Ans. While travel can take us to the most exciting, colorful and vibrant corners of the planet, it also comes with some unforeseen risks and dangers. It's completely unknown what can happen once you embark on your trip, as there are simply hundreds of circumstances that can get in the way of your ride. Political turmoil, natural disaster, or medical emergency may force you to cut your trip short and return home earlier than planned. However, travel insurance is a special type of insurance designed to cover individuals against a variety of travel-related perils.

  • What is the ideal time to buy travel insurance?

    Ans. Usually, you should purchase travel insurance within fourteen days of booking your vacation. However, the best time to buy travel insurance should coincide with the day you make your first travel arrangements and make your first travel deposit like a plane ticket.

  • Will my travel insurance plan cover the expenses in case my trip gets delayed because of Covid-19?

    Ans. Yes. If your flight is delayed or rescheduled due to covid 19, the expenses on food and lodging will be reimbursed.

  • What would happen if I get diagnosed with covid-19 during my trip?

    Ans. In that case you can raise a hospitalization or outpatient treatment claim under your international travel insurance policy.

  • Can I buy my insurance after starting the trip?

    Ans. No, you would not be able to buy insurance after you’ve started your trip. Most insurers also do not allow you to buy insurance on the day of the trip.

  • Are business travelers eligible to buy a travel insurance policy?

    Ans. Yes, all business travelers can buy travel insurance policies to protect themselves from any unforeseen circumstances.

  • What does the travel insurance from Yalla Insure cover?

    Ans. Following are some key benefits that come with Travel Insurance plans in the UAE:

    • Up to 180 days of coverage, along with medical emergency up to AED 200,000.
    • 24/7, 365 days emergency Medical Assistance Services.
    • Repatriation- up to AED 7,500.
    • Loss of passport/Travel Documents up to AED 250.

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